Tems backside in Bikini
Singer Tems Backside in Bikini
Singer Tems in Bikini

Singer Tems and the Trending News About Her Backside in Bikini

The news about Singer Tems trending right now is not about her music or how talented she is. The trending news is all about a picture showing her backside in Bikini.

Tems was seen in a picture trending online relaxing in a swimming pool with a silhouette of her backside showing in the pool. This has gotten many of her fans talking and applauding her beauty. This is coming after the fight between Samklef and a few female celebrities over Tems’ backside.

Beautiful singer tems backside
Tems-Beautiful in pool

There was an online altercation between Samklef and Simi when the latter said he was looking forward to seeing Tems’ backside in Wizkid’s video. Simi had gone on to ask Samklef what was wrong with him. This did not get on the right side of the music producer. He came all-out guns blasting and attacking anyone who dared to condemn him for his statement about Tems’ backside.

This background is probably the reason why these Singer Tems pictures are getting the reviews and attention online. Tems’ songs like Damages and Try me have taken the singer to the level of A-list singers in Nigeria. However, very little is known about Tems background in music and her personal life. We hope to bring an up-close and personal interview with Tems to our readers soon.

Tems in Bikini

Tems deserve to relax like everyone who has worked hard and what better way than chilling in a pool away from the madness of Lagos and Nigeria. But then, the madness still got to her via social media.

The Video of Tems with Wizkid
Tems-Try Me

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