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At mynaijadj, we understand the need for continuous inspiration by the word of God in facing challenges from day to day activities towards your greater goal. We must make time to study and listen to the word of God. Being the owner of a music promoting firm and website who understands the power and influence of music, I have decided to use my experience and knowledge in this field to the benefit of our readers, fans and visitors.I will be sharing an “inspirational song of the week” (every week) just to help make directions clearer and the journey smoother. The lyrics will be included also. I pray the wordings and messages of the songs shall become your testimonies in Jesus name. Amen.



Inspirational Song of the Week(07/11/2019) – Afy douglas – Saviour(Made)

Saviour- Afy Douglas

Inspirational Song of the Week(07/11/2019) – Afy douglas – Saviour(Made)

Saviour by Afy Douglas is a song that will definitely leave the listener inspired and energized. It’s highly recommended by MynaijaDJ as an every day song. Its a playlist’s delight and you will see the words come alive in your world as you embrace a heart of gratitude to God for all he has done and is doing for you.



(Inspitational Song of the Week 09-07-2019) Walter William & Beyonce- He Still Loves Me

Beyonce and Walter William- He still loves me

My naija DJ took a trip back in time to bring you this classic song from Beyonce and Walter William titled He still loves me. It is a song that tells of God’s unfailing love despite our shortfalls. This song paints a perfect picture of what grace is all about and why you should never allow men define you but the word of God. He still loves you! Believe it! Truly inspiring.


Beyonce and Walter William- He still loves me

[Verse: Walter Williams Sr.]
Took me a while, but I’m finally here
So I just wanna testify, make it crystal clear
See I’ve been picked out to be picked on
Talked about out my friends mouth
I’ve been beat down
Til he turned my life around
(turn my life around)

[Chorus: Walter Williams Sr.]
Seems like I always fall short, of being worthy
Cuz I ain’t good enough, but he still loves me
I ain’t no superstar, the spotlight ain’t shinin on me
(no no no no no)
Cuz I ain’t good enough, but he still loves me
Loves me

[Verse: Beyonce + Choir]
I used to wake up somedays, and wish I’d stayed asleep
Cuz I went to bed on top of the world
Today the worlds on top of me
Everybody’s got opinions (they share)
They ain’t been in my position (they don’t care)
That it breaks my heart when I hear what they
Have to say about me yeah (what they say)

[Chorus: Beyonce + Choir]
Seems like I always fall short (fallin short)
Of bein worthy (Lord I ain’t worthy)
Cuz I ain’t good enough (no no)
But he still loves me (still loves me)
I ain’t no superstar (I ain’t no superstar)
The spotlight ain’t shinin on me (but I want to be for you)
Cuz I ain’t good enough, but he still loves me

[Bridge: Choir]
I’m not perfect (I’m not perfect)
Yes I do wrong (yes I do wrong)
I’m trying my best (trying my best but)
But it ain’t good enough (just ain’t good enough)
Shunned by the world (shunned by the world)
If I don’t succeed, cuz I ain’t good
But he still loves me (I just ain’t good enough)

[Verse: Choir + Beyonce]
If you ain’t worthy just raise your hands
And let me know that you understand
That we are all so blessed
To be loved, loved
Stand for him or fall for anything
Cuz through his eyes we all look the same
What will we do without out blame

Feels like we always fall short, of bein worthy (we are not worthy)
Cuz I ain’t good enough, but he still loves me
I ain’t no superstar (I ain’t no superstar but I wanna be for you Lord)
The spotlight ain’t shinin on me
Cuz I ain’t good enough, but you still love me

I’m not perfect, yes I do wrong
I’m tryin my best but (tryin my best)
It ain’t good enough (I’m not good enough)
Shunned be the word (shunned by the world)
If I don’t succeed (I don’t succeed-ceed-ceed)
Cuz I ain’t good enough, but he still loves me
(child sing with me)
I’m not perfect, yes I do wrong
I’m tryin my best but it ain’t good enough
(But the Lord’s been so good to me)
Shunned be the word (Shunned by the world)
If I don’t succeed
Cuz I ain’t good enough (I ain’t good enough)
But he still loves me (The Lord still loves me)
No I ain’t good enough, but He still loves me
(Raise your hands if ya understand)
No I ain’t good enough (How he blessed you cuz he blessed you too)
But He still loves me (even though I ain’t worthy)
No I ain’t good enough (you ain’t worthy, He’s there for you)
But He still loves me (no matter what I do)
No I ain’t good enough (I ain’t good enough)
But he still loves me (but the Lord still loves me)


(Inspirational Song of the Week) Frank Edwards- Happiness

Happiness – Frank Edwards

MynaijaDJ’s inspirational song of the week is Happiness, a song by Frank Edwards. Happiness makes you want to dance and beyond that the lyrics are truly inspiring. No matter what you may be faced with, you should realise that worrying is not a solution and choose to stay happy. This song is groovy and you will enjoy every bit.



Children chorus: Nani anaweza kulicheza .?. (Who can dance like .?.) — in Swahili

Me already know say (I already know and say that) happiness is key
And you already know say (that) worry worry cannot change a thing
That’s why the Bible tell me, say in every situation
Say make I praise praise, praise
Say when you see me dance, e be like say na craze (Do not say I’m crazy)
I dey dance like David (I am dancing like David)
Lord I thank you for the love, the life, protection, and salvation

Refrain 1:
Why you love me this o (Oh, why do you love me like this?)?
Tell me, why you love me like this o?
Abeg, leave me make I dance (Please let me dance)
Every time you see me dancing
This and everywhere, come dance with me
Every time you see me smiling
I just wanna make you smile too

Refrain 2:
As you dey dance, make you carry (As you dance, may you carry)
Favor, blessings, grace, miracles
Favor o, blessings, grace, miracles
Anything wey (that) you want
Blessings, grace, miracles
Make you carry favor, blessings, grace, miracles

When dey fire fire (When they fire (at me))
My God just dey cover cover (My God will cover me)
Everything dem do, e dey bounce back (Everything they do bounces back)
Na God dey play my soundtrack (It is God who plays my soundtrack)
Na Baba God be okaka (It is God the Father who is great)
Na Him dey make me call Him my Papa (It is Him that let me call Him my Father)
Each and everyday you make me wonder wonder
You no dey play me wayo (You do not play me false/ defraud me)
Poverty go low low low
Sickness go low low low
God you love, me love me

(Refrain 1 + Refrain 2)

Happiness is key, worry no dey (does not)help
Everything is working, working for your good (Repeat)

Oya dance now, like a winner man (Ehe)
Praise the Lord, move your body (Hallelujah) (Repeat)

Abeg leave me make I dance (Please leave me alone to dance)
Shebi na (is not) the word of God be my medicine?
Na goodness and mercy na dem go dey (they shall) follow me
Even if I like I go do shakara (show off)for them
From glory to glory na em (will) be my story eh
Na na na ….

(Refrain 2)




Open Up – Dusin Oyekan

Inspirational Song of the Week(17/06/2019) – Dunsin Oyekan- Open Up

I encountered Dunsin Oyekan‘s music for the first time in 2016 when he released his single “Na U” featuring Kim Burell. I became an instant fan and have been an ardent follower of his songs. His influence in naija music has been nothing short of awesome.

Inpirational song of the week by MynaijaDJ features his new song Open up. This is a song to hear over and over again and definitely deserving a place on, the site showcasing naija hit songs and potential hits only.


Lyrics for Open Up by Dunsin Oyekan

Open up Let it flow now Open up!

Out of the mundane To where I’m ordained For things that were made Were made from things unseen There are realms of glory For my world to see Dimensions found only In Jesus Christ the Son

Channels of my spirit Open up! I am with the Father Open up! No boundaries No limits Open up! Let deep call unto deep Open up!

Out of my belly shall flow Rivers of living water Let it flow flow flow Let the River Flow

Inspirational Song of the Week-(Darlene Zschech – Victor’s Crown)

Darlene Zschech-Victor’s Crown

Darlene Zschech is not a new name to any follower of gospel music being the legend who birthed and nursed the now globally impactful Hillsong. What may be new to many however is her diagnosis with cancer in 2013 after a concert tagged Revealing Jesus. Towards the end of one of the songs, she spoke prophetic declaration over the sick and declared “I hate cancer”! Later in December of same year, she received her cancer diagnosis. What did she do? …



Inspirational Song of the Week-10/12/18 (William McDowell – I Won’t Go Back)

“I won’t go back” is a song written and performed by William McDowell. It’s a song that is able to restore lost zeal, minister hope and encourage focus. Your future is greater than your past and your path will always shine brighter. William is a protégé of Ron Kenoly and now a master in his own rights. Be blessed as you listen, watch and read. #songoftheweek brought to you by MynaijaDJ.



Inspirational Song of the Week-20/12/18 (Michael W Smith – You Won’t Let Go)


Michael W Smith- You wont let go

A couple of years ago, a friend’s sister lost her young daughter and it left her emotionally crushed. The sister mentioned to me that she was losing faith in Christ cause of the incident and she requested I help with a worship compilation. Our song of the week “you won’t let go” by Michael W Smith was the first track on the compilation we arranged for her. It’s a song that helped her through the trials and made her love Jesus more through the pain. Never let go of the name of Jesus no matter what you are passing through. #songoftheweek




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