FOR UPCOMING ARTISTES! How To Promote Your Music

Upcoming Artistes Promotion

One major question a new artiste desiring to succeed in their music careers and become popular ask at the beginning of their musical journey is, ‘how do I promote my music?

For some time now, there has been a scarcity of major record labels with many artistes floating their own labels like Davido’s DMW, Olamide’s YBNL and Zlatan’s Zanku records. However most of these artistes hardly sign new artistes meaning that a new artistes will mst time have to also manage and promote himself as your own music promoter.

Note : Posting your music on MynaijaDJ is free and will always be. The only criteria is that the music is good. We have other promotion packages that come at an affordable cost if you would like us to help take your song to a wider audience faster.

Here are few tips to promoting your song:

1. Create a masterpiece of a song–  No matter the genre you are into, afrobeat, soul, dancehall, hip-hop, rock,  Rap, R n B, classic, alternative- whatever, Just make sure it is really good. Send it to a lot of critics and get various reviews before releasing it.  You should do music to impress millions of strangers who will become fans.

2. Make use of social media ad the internet – Open profiles on sites like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These gives you the platform to build a fan base and get your music heard more. Several Nigerian artistes like Teni, Davido and Laycon made good use of social media to build a large following. Update your profile regularly with contents like pictures, videos of you singing or attending events and more. An interesting and active Social media profiles gives you a worldwide online following which is good for your launch as a new artiste. Paid ads, hashtags, meetup groups, Twitter threads, and Facebook groups are some of the tools to help grow your social media presence. Be sure to always reach out to other new artistes like you through their social handles as a little bit of friend-making and cross-promotion can go a long way. 

3. Put your songs online for download and streaming-  If you would like your song to reach a wider audience, you should know people generally love free music downloads. Have some of your songs uploaded to music sites like and promote your download links to your fans using your social media profiles.

4. Create a website for your Artist BrandA good website should be a major part of your promotion plans as a new artiste. This will help you reach out to new fans and can be more effective than social media because your voice as an artist is not limited on your website. 

Unlike social media networks, your own website creates a very clear path towards reaching new fans and a wider audience on your own terms.  Artistes websites also provide revenue streams for independent artistes that social media platforms don’t. 

5. Execute a Radio and P.R Campaign – This last strategy for promoting your music as a new artiste is for artistes who have some money to invest in their music promotion. 

Hiring a consultant or a manager to push your music to radio, playlists, blogs and press outlets can achieve huge results, but often at huge prices. Radio presenters and DJs charge quiet a lot to promote new artistes over a specific period. Even at that, there is no guarantee your song will be picked up in continuous rotation by other stations after your paid period is over.

As you grow and become popular and well known in your music career, there is always room for improving and changing your strategies. From the crew at, we wish you all the best. We have several interesting promotion packages that will take your music and brand farther faster.

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