MynaijaDJ Online DJ Services
MynaijaDJ Online DJ Services

MynaijaDJ provides online and offsite DJ services for clients worldwide to reduce cost, break barrier of distance and satisfy customers’ requirements.

A DJ is responsible for providing great sound, arranging and mixing music in a way to satisfy guests at your event. Our online DJ services arrange and mix your desired music before the event . The recorded mix can be played by you or anyone delegated to do so at the event.

We require clients’ list of preferred songs or genre for their events and mynaijaDJ handles the mixing sessions.

Clients taking advantage of our offsite service must make adequate arrangement for a good sound system if they don’t have any.

Please read the checklist below to know if this service is what you need for your next event.


House Party with Few People in Attendance

1 . You are having a house party with a few people in attendance. You don’t have space for a physically present DJ but you need good DJ mix to play with your home sound system

2 . Your budget cannot accommodate a DJ’s equipment and manpower at your event but you have a sound system and someone to help play and cue music.

Clean lyrics
Clean lyrics

3. You are very particular about the lyrics and message conveyed in music played at your event. You have a need to control what is played at your party because of children or guests.

4 . The space available for your event is small or there are rules preventing the presence of a DJ and sound equipment.

5 . The distance and proximity from our base of operation is far and you are trying to avoid cost of transit. You are based several states or countries away but you still want our DJ mixing expertise.

Church Party
Church Party

6. Your event or party is within a church or church related and you can only play gospel songs. However you want the party to rock and groove.

7.  There is a sudden and immediate need of a DJ. No time for transit of equipment and manpower as event is starting immediately.

Emergency need of a DJ
Emergency need of a DJ

8.  You are having a private party strictly for invitees only but you need great music mix suitable for the event.

9.  You want us to broadcast live DJ mixing from our studios to your party. This will require a good internet connection on both sides, a good streaming gadget(phone or laptop) and sound system to amplify the music. The added advantage is clients can make requests and changes to playlist.

Private Party
Private Party

10. You have someone providing good sound systems for your events at little or no cost but they are not competent DJs.

11. Or you simply have a particular kind of mix you want to listen and enjoy personally.


In summary our online service is a faster, more affordable and convenient avenue to enjoy mynaijadj’s optimum DJ mixing skills and understanding of music to satisfy your guests. Please note that all mix are for the purpose of your event and not meant for sale. MynaijaDJ charges for the DJ mixing sessions and not for songs in your mix.



1 . You get hours of DJ mix tailored to suit your event.

2 . You get to make a list of songs you want used during the DJ studio or live session.

3 . You get a flexible pricing and payment plan.

4 . You get to keep your DJ mix after the event.

5 . You get mynaijadj experience without paying for personnel.

MynaijaDJ’s offsite sessions are charged per hour based on duration of mix. Please fill form below or call 234-8023048557 to book an ONLINE DJ session. Please note that all mix are for the purpose of your event and not meant for sale. MynaijaDJ charges for the DJ mixing sessions and not for songs in your mix.

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