How to Choose a competent DJ for your Events and Parties.

1.Musical vastness– Your DJ should have a good knowledge of all genre of music. He should be in tune with old and new music spanning 3 to 4 decades. He should know the songs, feel them to help him make the right decision of what best to play when faced with a diversed audience. A DJ you intend to hire should be able to connect with older guests as well as the new age.

2. Equipments and Back up: Be sure to confirm that the DJ you are hiring has quality equipments and back up of almost all major equipments being used. Your event should not have to suffer if an amplifier, mixer or even cables get faulty or blown by current.

3. Reliability: Your DJ must be a person of integrity who delivers on time. It would be a sore sight to have your DJ moving in speakers when guests are already seated. At mynaijaDJ, we have had to set up a day before for big events or events whose venues are prone to high traffic. Be it Lagos or any other state in Nigeria, a good DJ should have you covered.

4. Experience: There is no price too much to pay for this. MynaijaDJ’s resident DJ has about 14 years DJ experience providing services for all classes of people and nationalities. With these years of rendering DJ services has come experience that makes the next job bettter than the previous. Yours will be no difference. Call now to book our DJ- 08023048557.

5. Referalls: When prospecting a DJ for your event, be sure to ask about recent gigs played at. You can take a step further by asking for telephone numbers of the clients to confirm if they were satisfied with the DJ services.

6. Education: This plays a major role in almost every business deal. You will find out that well educated DJs are a delight to hire. They add value to the service they are providing you which could only be made possible because of their education.

7. Lifestyle: If you can, avoid DJs who would end up smoking, drinking and womanizing at the event they are meant to serve. A little background check on social media will reveal a bit about the lifestyle of your prospective DJ.

8. Professionalism: A DJ who is serious about his business should have a company name, business card, websites and social media handles. You should be careful working with DJs that dont,they may not be able to deliver to your standard.

Finally, make sure you have records of your transactions. Your DJ should issue invoice for the service he is providing. There should be proof of payment and details of the service( date,duration,location) should be documented. You should ask about the return policy of the DJ company incase your event is cancelled for any reason beyond you.

Be sure to have fun at your next event with great music from a fantastic DJ. MynaijaDJ.

This article was written by Rasheed Alawode for www.mynaijadj.com a website that provides various music, DJ and event services.

Winners Davido and Wizkid
Winners Davido and Wizkid

Davido and Wizkid Wins Big at the Future Award 2017

The Future Awards Africa 2017 has come and gone and 2 of Naija’s finest artistes emerged winners in fantastic categories.

Davido and Wizkid whose beef continue to cause rancour amongst their fans continue up the ladder of success when Davido was declared as the ‘Performer of the Year’ and Wizkid won the ‘The Young Person of the Year’. Maybe this will make the fighting and cursing fans get busy rather than throw tantrums on social media.

The Future Awards Africa recognizes Nigerian youths having any kind of effect through innovativeness or social endeavor.

The Future Awards Africa 2017 held at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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