Tiwa Savage should be a role model to younger girls not release sex tapes
Tiwa Savage Tells Concert Attendees She Enjoyed The Man In Her Sextape

Tiwa Savage Tells Concert Attendees She Enjoyed The Sex

Singer Tiwa Savage sings about her experience in the leaked sextape letting the concert attendees know her partner grilled and injured her while at it.
This non challant attitude and seeming enjoyment of the publicity brings to fore the possibility of the leak being intentional. A few days ago, Tiwa Savage informed fans in an interview she is being blackmailed then here she is jumping on stage to hype the same tape and sing about the sex.

Celebrities must realise they have a lot of influence on young people and if a rich mother of one like Tiwa can flaunt such an act, younger girls will not care about recording or releasing such tapes also.


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