Sammie Tall – No Be My Head

New Music- Sammie Tall Sings No Be My Head

Nigerian Gospel singer Sammie Tall takes gospel music to a whole new level bringing to life this musical work of art titled, No Be My Head. Naija music has never know it this good with this versatile redition of gospel afrobeats. The bassline, harmonies, adlibs and the lyrics all being synergized with Sammie Tall’s melodious voice. Indeed, whom the lord has blessed, no man can curse.

Sammie Tall, real name Samuel Ediagbonya is a music producer and instrumentalist who currently lives in the United Kingdom with wife and kids.

According to Sammie Tall: This track ‘No Be My Head’ is my second single. A song God gave me in my dreams from Isaiah 54:17, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Relating to pigin English, ‘Anything Wey satan dey plan no be my head’
shame to all the kakabiaka and kokobioko, a word made up to mean anyone who plots your downfall for no reason. Your happiness and progress makes them want to pull you down, no be your head. Whom the Lord has blessed. No man can curse.

The songs smooth groove and easy to learn lyrics will have you hooked in no time. Enjoy Below


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