Peruzzi aplogizes to Osogbo fans
Peruzzi Apologizes to Fans From The Osogbo Club Brawl

Peruzzi Apologies To His Osogbo Fans and explains his lateness and anger

Peruzzi Apologies To His Osogbo Fans and explains his lateness and anger. DMW artiste, Amaka lover and Lagbaja crooner, Peruzzi has issued an apology to fans after walking out of a club in Osogbo.

The Osogbo clubbers were visibly angry and shocked when Peruzzi stormed out of the club after arriving 4 hours late for his performance. Peruzzi was supposed to perform at the club by 12am but arrived by 4:13am and he refused to apologize when asked to.

He then went on Instagram to threaten the club’s Hypeman dragging him with his comment on InstaLive, “I’m a moving train, Stand in front of me and I will crush you”.

Few hours later, Peruzzi took to Instagram again to write a letter of apology. He apologized for his unruly behavior, for disappointing and disrespecting his Osogbo fans. He revealed that he had a show in Lagos that day and couldn’t make it on time for the club event. He said that his team had earlier informed the club about his busy schedule and they were okay with it. He also implied that a certain hype man was behind his outburst after he stopped him from performing.

Peruzzi rounded up by promising his Osogbo fans another show.

Perruzi apologizes to the fans from Osogbo club

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