Bolanle seperates from husband Abiodun Lincon

Bolanle Sent Packing By Husband Lincon

Bolanle Pepper Dem Sent Packing From Her Matrimonial Home

Video Vixen, Bolanle (pepper dem) has been sent packing from matrimonial home 6 months after her wedding and her husband live-streamed it.

The husband, Abiodun Lincon, claimed she was violent and destructive and that she had a child with him for clout. Bolanle became popular after she featured in singer, Zlatan Ibile’s Pepper Dem video. She was also known to hang out with Zlatan and one time went on vacation to the UAE with him.Their relationship became the talk of the town when Zlatan Ibile went as far as using her name to sing one of his hits songs ever since he came on board, ‘Bolanle’

Recall Bolanle got engaged to her husband Abiodun earlier this year and their wedding was the talk of the town. She had resurfaced on social media with a piece of good and joyous news her lovers will be proud of. The beautiful brand influencer shared clips of the priceless and romantic moment she had with her boyfriend, Abiodun.

She captioned the video with some romantic message to her husband to be as she professed her undying love. It is therefore shocking to find out the marriage of a few months has crashed. The husband while smoking in the live video cussed at her and nayone who would ask him to take Bolanle back. He claims he has not enjoyed a peaceful home since he married her unlike his friends whose homes are peaceful. He also advised man who thinks he is wrong to go ahead and take Bolanle in.

While this writer understands the pains that the husband may be confronted with, the statements from him shows he is unwilling to sacrifice nor forgive, which are the key elements of love and a happy marriage. His live video reeks of unmet expectations which happens in every marriage. Little does he know that the his friends’ marriages which he tends to admire from afar has lots of work being done underground by both parties involved to keep it working and happy. The grass always appear to be greener on the other side.

Little or no details was shared by him concerning details of what Bolanle did wrong but he called her dirty in the video and also asked her to return a car that does not belong to her. So this may be connected with home keeping and lifestyle. Two issues that can be resolved easily if both parties are willing and patient.

To Bolanle, we pray your marriage works and that God will easen the tension between you and your husband giving him wisdom to be the Husband man he was designed to be.

Bolanle Pepper Dem

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