DJ Obi remembers dad levi Ajuonoma 9 yeears after Dana plane crash
DJ Obi remembers his Dad, Levi Ajuonoma

DJ Obi remembers his dad , Levi Ajuonuma who died in Dana Plane Crash

DJ Obi remembers his dad, Levi Ajuonuma, who died in Dana Plane crash 9 years ago. The DJ shared a picture taken with his family at his sister’s 40th birthday while penning some profound words for his late father.

DJ Obi and his family remembers his father,Levi Ajuonoma

In his words,

”Today’s date is a strong one. My dad being on that Dana flight still hurts extremely deep. But while going thru pictures of my dad and looking for what to post, i saw this.

We took this last month for my sister’s 40th. Looking at this picture today makes me soooo hopeful. Look how far we’ve come???! It hasn’t be easy AT ALL.

DR. LEVI LOOOK! LOOK AT WHAT GOD HAS DONE. God has multiplied your linage. Look at all your beautiful grand kids, minus 1 and i know from where you are, you have seen him and you are with him. Dr. Levi you did great, your legacy shall be carried on for more generations to come. As much as the sadness might want to creep in today, the future being bright gives my heart joy that forces my face to smile.

So today? I’m thankful. God showed up in a massive way for us. We had no idea how we would pull thru without my dad being here but we are doing it with all glory to God and God alone.

It’s still an everlasting fuck you to Dana as an organization/family business or whatever. This pain you have caused has derailed and delayed many lives. To all other families affected by that plane crash, BE HOPEFUL. You are alive and that is a God given chance to be a blessing to the world around you.

I love you dad and missing you is unbearable. But WE MOVE.

Continue to rest well
Dr. Levi Ajuonuma”

DJ Obi

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