Becoming a better you in the car

5 Ways to Become a Better Person Using Your Car Stereo or Mobile Device While Commuting

A lot of people spend hours of their adult life commuting from one place to the other. Be it from home to work, or work to the store or maybe from church to the market, these hours when added up monthly or yearly make up a large chunk of your time. These are precious non-refundable hours that can be simultaneously used for self-development while commuting.

Mynaija DJ has listed below a few ways you can make the best of your commuting time for self-development and personal growth.

1. Music

Music is priceless. It is food for the soul. It all depends on your mood and the kind of music you enjoy. Personally, worship songs get me started in the mornings as I soak in the messages conveyed by the lyrics. You can call it a confidence booster and reminder I have a Big God on my side. For some, a blend of old school music is what does the magic. It just depends on what you enjoy and what you intend to achieve. If you are driving home late at night after a tiring day for example, loud music will keep you alert to avoid stories that touch. Music has a power to influence so it is advisable you choose wisely

2. Word/Messages

Is there an area of your life that you are trusting God to get better results in? It’s a good thing you are up and about trying to fix it. However, the word of God can help you make better decisions and boost your faith in possibilities. There are so many messages on faith, diligence, healing, love and more from many preachers worldwide that you can play in your car or phones. I can guarantee you every trip from when you start will be a hit, back to back.

3. Audio Books

Gone are the days when you give excuse of not having time for your lack of reading. With the advent of audio books , you can now listen while someone reads out the book to you. Who you become is largely dependent on who you know and the books your read. Information is power.

The world’s most successful people are intense learners. They are hard readers. They know that what they know determines how well they see the world. They know that what they know determines the quality of relationships they can have and the quality of work they can do. Imagine how many years of your life is dedicated for basic education. That gives you an idea of how important it is for you to keep reading and getting better at what you do.

There are audio books for literarily every topic, course or challenge out there. Find them and pay for them if you have to. You will appreciate it more. Let them play in your car or devices while commuting. You will be amazed at the better man or woman that these audio books will transform you into.

4. Audio prayers

If you are like me, getting started with prayer could be a drag but once I start I go on and on. You can look at these audio prayers as a kind of jump starter to get you going. There are recorded audio of pastors praying available on the internet. Get one that you connect with and use it for an awesome prayer session in the car.  Please don’t close your eyes if you are the one driving to avoid stories that touch.


5. News and Information

There are several radio stations that you can tune in for breaking news, traffic news, entertainment news and more. Rather than do this at work which is a distraction from your job description, your commuting time is a good time to listen to the radio and get updates from your favourite shows.

In the Bus

If you diligently use your commuting time to observe to do these 5 activities highlighted above, you would have experienced an exponential growth in your person, relationships and lifestyle within a short period. Mobile device users are advised not to listen to audio with headphones when walking on roads.


This article is written by Ibukun Ola Rasheed, owner of MynaijaDJ . He is an music lover, creative entertainer and God lover.

By mynaijadj

Mynaijadj is a passionate lover of music skilled at the art of DJing and providing event entertainment solutions like sound, music, multimedia and film.

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