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Want a No Profanity or Gospel DJ for your party or church events? Read this article and follow the steps immediately.

Have you ever gotten to a birthday party of a prominent church leader expecting the best of Nigerian music from the DJ service provider or vendor but before you could blink twice, the DJ starts playing songs with lyrics that are not exemplary of the celebrant’s way of life? “i grab her waist”, “you go follow me home tonight”, we dey drink and smoke till the day break eh”, “na your bum bum be my pillow”. I mean, it went on and on most of the times embarassing the celebrant and the guest. Some celebrants are left with no choice but to dance to some of the songs that are not so bad considering the gathering was meant to be a time of fun while some will just sit it out. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!

A children party or school party with kids below ten years of age in attendance. One would expect a DJ to understand that the children are in a building stage and avoid explicit content. Rather than do so, some DJs throw cautions to the wind playing any and all songs, provided it is a commercially successful song. Note here that the songs do not have to be gospel for the message to be right. There are several secular music from A list Nigerian artistes with lyrics more suitable for children. 

Science student by olamide, che che by Mayorkun are not songs to play for kids thinking you are giving them fun. You are not. (Excerpts from Che Che and science student) “girl i wanna pok you like pok man”, “she wanna roll with a fat man, wetin this sugar daddies go cause”, “They have mixed chemical together, the eyes are dirty”. How are these lyrics in anyway entertainment for children when there are loads of more danceable songs without such messages?  The children will dance yes, but they will get a deposit of explicit content too. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

The youths in a church are having a party or picnic and the DJ comes with his loads of explicit music blasting it to the disapointment of all present. On asking the DJ to change to gospel music, he started playing old worship songs and traditional praise songs that do not fit into the contemporary gathering of youths. He switches back to the explicit secular music which made the gathering seem like any other club party to passersby. A great opportunity to be an example and show the danceable and contemporary songs available in gospel music was missed. THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

The list goes on an on. Newly wedded couple unhappy with the playlist the DJ keeps reeling out at their reception because of the lyrics, aerobics session without upbeat music. 70th birthday without old school music of the 60s and 70s . We understand at my naija DJ that the client is King and we show it with our attention to details about the kind of music you want played at your party. However many DJs are on the console to fan their ego and show of their mix arrangement rather than the clients desire. THIS CAN BE AVOIDED.

This can be avoided with My Naija DJ and to avoid being in any of the depressing and dissapointing situations above, all you have to do is book the services of my naija DJ for your next party or event with the following available options.

  1. Call us and speak with the Head DJ directly on 234-8023048557. I will ask you a few questions about the event and i promise you will get a very affordable price for your event DJ services anywhere in Nigeria, Africa and Worldwide. You will get very affordable and reliable DJ services from us. We are based in Lagos, Nigeria. All jobs refered through this article will also get a 10% discount.
  2. You can fill the form below and i will get back to you directly.
  3. You can reach my naija DJ through any of our social media handles; @mynaijadj on twitter, instagram and facebook. Be sure to follow us for latest hits, news and articles on the naija music world.
  4. You can get details of our several verifiable clients who have enjoyed our services in the past and still do.


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